Savings Accounts

Start saving for the future.

Personal Savings

Osgood savings accounts are a great tool for keeping you and your family on track to reaching your goals. It only takes $10 and less than 10 minutes to open an Osgood personal savings account. Maintain a minimum balance of $10 in order to earn interest on the account. Keep $100 in the account to earn interest and avoid service fees. 

Money Marketing Savings

An Osgood Money Market savings account allows you to earn a higher interest rate when you maintain a balance of $1000 or more. There are no service charges for accounts that maintain a minimum balance of $1000. Coincidentally, $1000 is the amount needed to open a Money Market account, so if you just keep the money in that you started with your account will get stronger all on its own. Of course helping it along with regular deposits is the best way to get results. 

All Money Market accounts are FDIC insured. Can't make it in to see us? No problem. Our Money Market accounts allow for 6 preauthorized or off-site withdrawals per month.

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