Stimulus Payment FAQs



Osgood State Bank is a receiving bank for Stimulus Payments made by Direct Deposit.  Although we cannot answer specific questions about the timing of individual payments, we know you have questions and we’re doing our best to share what we know.

When will I receive my stimulus check?

The Treasury sent a first wave of 81 million individual Direct Deposit payments that will be credited to bank accounts on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. That said, there will be a series of payments made by the Treasury over a 10 week period. Therefore, we do not know exactly when you will receive your payment. Later this week, the IRS will launch a “Get Your Payment” application at to check individual payment statuses and update information.  This should be the best place to determine the status of your payment.

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How should you expect to receive your payment?

If you have filed your 2019 taxes already, and you received a refund via Direct Deposit, you should receive your payment to the bank account that the IRS used to credit your 2019 tax refund.  If you have not yet filed your 2019 taxes, but received a refund by Direct Deposit in 2018, the Treasury should send the stimulus payment to the account that was used to credit your 2018 refund.

If you have not filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, but receive Social Security benefits by Direct Deposit, the Treasury may attempt to send your payment to the same account as your SS benefits.

If you have never received a tax refund by Direct Deposit you should expect to receive a paper check.

What if my account number or bank has changed since I received my tax refund by Direct Deposit? 

All banks will handle this process differently. Likely, if your account number has changed but you still have an account at the bank where the deposit was last made, the bank will attempt to post the credit to an active account associated with your taxpayer ID number.  If you have changed banks, you should contact your prior bank and try to determine a solution so that you can avoid funds being returned to the Treasury.

What if my funds are returned to the Treasury?

We do not know at this time, but we suspect that you would likely be issued a paper check. 

What if I will receive a paper check and I’ve moved?

Change your address with the IRS at