Mission Statement

We Are Proud To Serve You.

Our Mission:

Caring for our people and their families. 

Delivering a favorable return to our stockholders. 

Providing a Gratifying experience for our customers.

Offering Compassionate service to our communities. 

Osgood State Bank is a bank built on customer relationships. We will provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction and innovative customer products. We believe this differentiates us from our competition. Our success (growth and profit) is a result of treating customers with dignity and respect. We believe that common courtesy is a strategic advantage and all policies, systems and hiring will keep this concept in mind.

We are proud of the communities we serve. Through our involvement, the area is a better place to raise a family and to start a business. Our involvement does not stop at the bank. All of our employees are encouraged to participate in local activities. 

Osgood State Bank is an active financial partner in the lives of area residents and businesses. Through our local ownership and management, we make a positive difference to people in the area. It is our duty and responsibility. The bank also has a responsibility to shareholders. We will operate a safe and sound bank that provides our stockholders with a reasonable return on their investment and defined by return on equity. 

We believe in the power of ethical management and will adhere to a strict interpretation of ethical behavior. In meeting these standards, we will operate a stronger bank for our customers, stockholders and staff. 

Most of all, Osgood State Bank is people. We believe that our staff will grow personally and professionally in an environment that values their individual and team contributions.